New phenomenon: What is Rickrolling?

You have probably been rickrolled at least once and you have not noticed. If you wonder what is rickrolling because you are hearing the word everywhere, it is just an internet joke. Rick Astley has become an internet meme with his video Never Gonna Give You Up. The meme is a bait, you access to a disguised hyperlink expecting to see something else and you get to watch the video instead, or in some cases, the picture of the meme.

Many webs has been affected by Rickrolling, and it is not just in the internet, the song was surprisingly heard during parades, TV shows and plenty of other funny situations. It seems to have emerged as a variant of duckrolling but gained much more popularity becoming an internet phenomenon from 2008 to 2017. The original Rick Astley’s video had to be removed because of violations of copyright, but it was upload, taken down several times until Vevo released a different official version.

But that is not all because Siri is Rickrolling too. If you ask Siri what is today going to be like, you wil get a funny respond and be totally Rickrolled as Siri will take you to the Wikipedia article about the Never Gonna Give You Up track.

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