Mature Driver Courses

If you are 55 or older and you would like to lower your car insurance to about 10%, then you should really consider taking mature driver courses. If you prove to have your driving skills sharp, then you will get a reduction on your insurance. All you have to do is pass a test which consists of a driving class which will also help you to keep your skills updated. In fact, 34 states and the Columbia District are encouraging this idea.

Even though the rules vary from every state, the discount will apply to people who are older than 55 years old and who take a state-approved class (which prices are between $18 and $40). The lessons include topics such as safe driving, rules of driving and new technology. The course can be taken online or in a classroom. You will need to present a certified note to your insurance if you want to get the discount. Also, it is important that before taking the class you check out with your insurance company to make sure that the course is approved for a discount.As you can see, getting 10% off is actually pretty easy and it will also help you learn more about new technologies used in driving. 

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